I put my expertise as a consultant and my deep knowledge of the value chain at your service, to accompany you towards a sustainable and resilient company.

My professional career began more than 30 years ago as an actress and then turned to the corporate world.

I have evolved from logistics to customer service and then to e-commerce, with the support and coordination of SAP projects (integrated management system) as a common thread.

These experiences, mainly in the pharmaceutical and luxury industry, allow me to know in detail the interactions between the different stakeholders of a company and the challenges they have to face.

When I discovered in 2019 the CSR* department of my company and its activities, I decided to redirect my career.

*Corporate Social Responsibility

I trained in sustainable development project management at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

Then I launched my own activity and thought about the articulation of my favorite subjects to offer coherent and impactful support.

I then became a facilitator for the workshops Climate Fresk and 2tonnes, I trained in the OCARA methodology of Carbone4 and I am an affiliate B Leader.

At the same time, I get involved in the adventure of La R’mize, the first recycling center in the Chablais region. This allows me to act concretely on my territory in the fields of the circular economy and the social and solidarity economy, both of which are key to meeting the current climatic and societal challenges.

I also joined the Féminin Entreprendre network, because “together we go further”!

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