To act effectively, we must understand WHY we need to take action and HOW we can be efficient.

To achieve this goal I rely on three steps: Understand, Analyze, Act.


With collaborative tools, based on collective intelligence:

  • The Climate Fresk, based on the IPCC reports, gives the key scientific information to understand the causes and the societal and environmental consequences of climate disruption.
  • The 2tonnes workshop, based on ADEME‘s carbon base, helps to understand which areas emit the most CO2e and proposes individual and collective actions to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Thanks to these workshops and their reliable and indisputable sources, I can adapt the coaching to different sectors of activity and propose ways of thinking suitable to your context.


You’re familiar with the general context and want to know:

  • Where should you invest to mitigate your carbon footprint ?

I offer you a customized analysis matrix.

  • What is your positioning in relation to the three pillars of sustainable development?

I propose to accompany you in completing the B Corp Business Impact Assessment. You will discover your score for the 5 impact areas analyzed: governance, employees, community, environment, customers.

  • What is your level of adaptation and resilience to climate shocks?

I propose to accompany you with Carbone4’s OCARA method. After having identified the vital processes of your company, you evaluate their level of sensitivity to climate hazards and your capacity to adapt.


You know the general context, you have made your diagnosis, you now wish to act:

  • I will accompany you in the implementation of your personalized action plan.
  • I will accompany you towards B Corp certification. To be certified, you must obtain a minimum of 80 points in the BIA questionnaire. I help you to fill in the form and to set up your action plan to obtain these 80 points. You develop a business model with a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • You will take steps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via the SDG Action Manager. With this tool developed by B Lab and the UN, I help you identify the most relevant SDGs for your company/sector. You understand your impact and put in place your action plan.
  • I will help you create your impact/sustainability report: identification of your needs and your target audience, definition of your major impacts, writing, disclosure.

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